Westchester Contracting - Took my money and left garbage all over my house

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Wayne Howard & Chad Howard of westchester contracting.Yorktown NY.

Their company did a poor contracting job with holes in the Sheetrock wall exposed. The wood floors are like a slope and there are quite a few large gaps in the hard wood floors. They did not finish the job on my home and left a dumpster fill of garbage for 5 months when I went to the dumpster company the company said they were not paid and would not remove it. I had to get consumer protection involved and finally after 5 months it was removed.

They are deceitful and liars. Also there associate Jessie Hernandez Known as JF handyman from Ct. Was also untruthful. he was suppose to make everything OK but he too stiffed me.

Meanwhile I took them for there words and paid them over the contract price and they did not finish. If see them run. I found out after that they have a very bad record at the building department.

Now I must pay someone to finish a job I paid them.

Review about: Construction Renovation.



I too was taken by these bandits and there shiny bald heads.Let the consumer beware.

My roof is less than 2 years old and it is leaking.

The plumbing job is also inferior.They can close up business uder one name and start a new one to avoid the law,

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